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The Concept

Your fitness journey begins here and now

Salon frais

Your history with sport, reinvented

We know that the desire to take care of oneself, to achieve one's sporting goals, is often hampered by obstacles: lack of time, high cost of gym subscriptions, sometimes intimidation when faced with the equipment available or simply the anxiety of the unknown.


We've all experienced it.


But imagine if you could have the ultimate gym, right there in your living room?


OneGym offers you this possibility.


Forget travel, time constraints and exorbitant subscriptions. OneGym is the fusion between the best of the worlds of fitness, the strength of digital and the simplicity of home.

How it works ?

It is simple and efficient.


Sign up and set your goals. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or taking your first steps in the world of fitness, OneGym is with you. You define what you want to achieve, and we guide you along the way.


Group classes of all disciplines are available every day: vigorous cardio, targeted bodybuilding, strengthening sessions... Our professional coaches bring you their expertise for a personalized experience. Each course is in live, in small group and personalized.

Plan and train at your own pace. You decide when and how to train. Your living room becomes your personal training space. In pajamas or sportswear, at dawn or midnight, anything is possible!


Join our community and boost your motivation! Thanks to the power of sharing, get inspired and reveal your progress to other enthusiasts.

Are you ready to reinvent yourself?

The future of fitness is a fusion of your determination and our expertise. It's time to take control, set the pace that's right for you, and create a fitness story you'll be proud of.

Join OneGym now
and sculpt your success story.

With OneGym, you have everything to succeed, thanks to the comfort of your home. So why wait? Embark on the adventure, and together, let's transform every effort into victory.

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